Dunkertons Premium Organic Cider

Dunkertons Organic Cider make premium award winning cider and perry at their Cider Mill in Herefordshire. Their success is down to the unique blending method using traditional varieties of organic cider apples and pears selected for their unique characteristics grown in their own orchards.
Manufacturer: Dunkertons Cider
Delivery date: 3-5 Days

A medium sweet sparkling cider. Each variety of cider apple is picked, pressed and fermented separately, then stored for at least a year before being hand blended. Creating the final product is a meticulous process involving immense skill. Some cider blends may use up to 10 different varieties of apple.

Dunkerton’s cider is made from Organic apples grown in Herefordshire orchards free from harmful chemicals.

The apples will be a blend of cider varieties, some ancient like Sheep’s Nose, Brown Snout and Foxwhelp and some modern like “Improved” Kingston Black and Balls Bitter Sweet.


500ml - 6.8% ABV